Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roast Beef Lettuce Wraps!! 01-07-2013

Would it kill me to eat some veggies once in a while?? Noooo, s'pose not...  I'll be damned if I'm not going to work some meat into the equation somehow!  Click here to scope out the lettuce wraps I made using some of the leftover pot roast from the other day!

So what if I've been eating nothing but meat since sometime in late 2012!
I guess it wouldn't be a bad idear to get some roughage in the system too though!
Leftover pot roast gets better each day,
but it is a highly endangered species on the brink of extinction!
Heat a bit up in the nukerator while you hack up some veg!

That oughta do it!
Always make enough to bring some ẅ you to work for lunch the next day!

Mmm.... shredded beeeeeffff!!!

Now it's just a matter of assembling it all!


Good luck getting this in your mouth ẅ/o making a mess!
Let's face it, salad on its own sucks ass, esp. ẅ salad dressing on it!
Besides, putting dressing on a salad completely negates any healthy benefits you might otherwise gain,
so why NOT do yourself a real favor and put some damn meat on it!!
Trust me, it might actually be a salad that you would truly enjoy!

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