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Pot Roast!! -- 01-06-2013

Byrnes made a marvelous pot roast to celebrate a belated Xmas with his family and was gracious enough to invite me!  I just so happen to love pot roast, so I took him up on his invitation and, boy, was I glad I did!  His pot roast was so good that I just had to make another one of my own so that I could huck on it all week!   Click here to see how to transform a 6.3lb chunk of chuck roast into a succulent, savory potful of deliciousness!

There just so happened to be a giant pot roast marked down for quick sale ($5 off!) at Sam's
the day after I had eaten it at Byrnestein's!
I took it as a sign & bought it without hesitation!

The meat was beautiful!

It was also in good hands!

One last sexy close-up!

For this much meat, I needed 2 packets of 
McCormick Slow Cookers Savory Pot Roast seasoning!

Hack up the beef into big-ass chunks!

Yeah!! Just like that!

Too much meat to sear in one pan,
so I'll just do it in 2 rounds.

Into the pan on medium-high ẅ a little bit of the seasoning packet on it!

Now get a little lube in there to help the love happen!

Sizzle for a bit, then flip 'em!

Hit 'em ẅ some more seasoning, adjust the heat,
and toss a lid on it!
You've got time to go grab a quick squirt from the pig!

Coming along nicely!

Getting there!

More sizzling, more flipping!
Try to hit all of the pink sides, yo!



Into the Le Creuset they go!

Hit 'em (from as far away as possible) with a bit more seasonings!
Don't make a mess, damnit!

Lousy picture...

...A little better!

You've been searing the other batch while
 screwing around taking lousy pictures, right??
Of course!

They're done!
(Beer me!)

Arrrr, in ẅ the rest of yas!

Now, toss in the remainder of the 
McCormick Slow Cookers Savory Pot Roast seasoning packets!

At this point, I add only the onion.
If you add the carrots & spuds
they'll be mush by the time the meat is done!

Now, add a bit of beef stock or water, but don't over do it!
You're making pot roast, not soup (this time).
What I've got in there is plenty.

Let's get a look at it!

Oh man that looks good, eh!!

75 minutes at 350° and it's lookin' good!

Needs a lot more time to get happy in that hotbox!
Get it back in there!

Get your veg ready while the meat is cooking!

Now, I prefer my pot roast w/ pasta or noods
as opposed to spuds cooked in ẅ the meat.
For that reason, I didn't prep any spuds!

KitchenAid Peeler got 'er done in a hurry!

Hack 'em up!
T-minus 60 minutes to completion,
so now is the time to through the vegetative matter in the pot!

Bubbles come up slowly through the thick layer of schmaltz
as it simmers for hours, softening up the meat until
it is ready to fall apart!

Throw the tubers and roots in,

then stir it up!

60 agonizing minutes later!
BTW, the whole house smells incredible at this point!

Sexy close-up!

Don't let the schmaltz on top turn you off!
Read on to see how to deal ẅ it effectively!

By now, I was starving, so I tossed some pasta in a bowl,
then fished out some hot, luscious meat & carrots to scarf down!


Can't wait to chow down!

I like to shred up my meat and mix it up ẅ the rest!

Ok! I can't wait any longer!!

The leftovers can wait until they cool down
and you are done stuffing your face!

Leftovers are a beautiful thing!

The schmaltz all rises to the top and solidifies,
making it easy to separate from everything else!

Sexy close-up!

Another sexy close-up!

Here, I've fished out some chunks and put them in a container
to take ẅ me to work to share ẅ my co-workers!

You can see how the fat stays behind and is easily picked away from the rest!

How's that for a sack lunch?!?
Suck it, Roberto Luongo!
You think you're gonna do any better in Toronto?! Doubtful! Ha!

If you couldn't tell already, I totally love this dish!!
There are SO many things you can do ẅ the meat from here!
Stay tuned for future posts about working ẅ shredded beef, chicken, and pork!

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