Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just Got Back from CT!

Connecticut was awesome!  Check this sh¡t out!

  I covered a shitload of material in the training sessions I gave, but the great group of guys at ABSAP still took me out and fed me like a king at the USS Chowder Pot, despite the fact that I may have bored them to death!  Served at the USS Chowder Pot is the giant 2.5 lb stuffed crab filled with all of the crab meat mixed with their special seafood stuffing, then baked while the claws are steaming!  I actually ordered the surf & turf -- a monster chunk of amazing prime rib and a savory of baked stuffed shrimp! I loved every bite, but I was starving and dove right in before takin' a damn picture!! Crap!  It also came with fries & rice, preceded by a mini-big (wtfdtem?!) loaf of the softest, chewiest bread to dunk into your steaming hot New England style clam chowder!   This place really did it right!!  

He's thinkin' "How many pictures is this guy gonna take?? I'm starvin'!"

Paul & Dave each dove into a bigass lobster!

The Harpoon IPA at Boston's Bar was very damn tasty!!
This place was conveniently located across the parking lot from the Hampton Inn!
Good lookin' out for us on Paul's behalf regarding where to stay!
Nice, clean place with a great spread each morning for breakfast!

One more pic, why not?  :) 
This thing was cool as hell and now I want to make one!!

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