Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Still Soup Season!! -- 01-27-2013

Many of you may not realize that there are different cooking "seasons" that happen throughout the year!  At the moment, it just so happens to be Soup season (baking too!).  Click here to check out this week's batch!

Soup season is from roughly October through the end of March,
depending on your local weather conditions!
As long as it is cold & shitty outside,
you should have some soup ready-to-eat at a moment's notice!

 This is gonna be a big batch, so I grabbed 2 x 2lb bags of drummies & thighs
that we had made in a previous episode!
Into a pot goes a block of stock to thaw out in a hurry!
Don't forget to pre-heat the oven, damnit!

Into Le Creuset  ẅ the chicken goes the stock!

  Now, I added the same amount of water
because this is ultra-concentrated stock!

Don't forget!  There is a difference between stock and soup!
Soup has additional spices that the stock does not! 
Garlic? Check! Bay Leaves? Check!
Vegeta?! Check! Lawry's Seasoned Salt? Check!!

Toss in 2 regular sized cans of diced tomatoes for this bigass batch!

Check on it every hour or so!

Give it a stir, why not?!
Now chuck it back in the oven to let the love happen!

Meanwhile, I pulled apart the remaining half of a Sam's Club rotisserie chicken
that we had gotten as a quick bite to eat on the way home from Ohio!

It's simply a matter of separating the crap from the good stuff!


Try not to eat all of this before the rest of the soup is ready!

4.5 hrs in the oven is plenty of time!

When the bones are falling out, you're ready to extract the chicken pieces!

Be carefs removing the chicken and it won't fall apart!
Throw in the veggies you've thawed in the nukerator
while you wait for the chicken to cool down!

The whole thing goes back in the oven to cook the vegetables
while you are de-boning the chicken!

Get to work, damnit!

Same deal; crap in one pile, good stuff in another!

 Sexy close-up!!

 Another sexy close-up!
(With the rest of the meat tossed on top!)

 Now, go grab your piping hot soup from the oven!

 Combine the meat ẅ the rest of it!

 Sexy close-up!!

 Yet another sexy close-up!

 Now, dish it up ẅ some noods
and get ready to dig in, yo!

 Another sexy close-up before I dive in!

 The next morning, after the soup has chilled in the freezer
called "Michigan" (aka outdoors),
you can scoop some into a container to take to work with you
to make all of your co-workers jealous!!

 Sure as shit beats the hell out of Progresso or Cambell's!!

 Add pasta and nuke until steaming hot any time of the day or night
for a quick, guilt-free bite to eat that will help stave off the cold-ass, wet weather outside! 

If you're feelin' like being nice, bring enough to share at work!

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