Thursday, January 3, 2013

Homemade Chicken Tenders!! 01-01-2013

I scored some chicken tenders for an awesome price from Meijer, so I decided to deep fry 'em!! Check out the process!

Get all of your shit together!
It's time to bread some chicken!

You'll need a coupla racks & trays, your Batter Pro breader, a mixing bowl,
a grocery bag, breading mix, huevos, and a knife to cut the chicken!

Get to mixin' first!
Shells go in the grocery bag! (duh!)

Damn near forgot the Half&Half!!
It's not crucial, but it certainly doesn't hurt!

Pitch the chickeny packaging in the grocery bag, then ditch it!

Hack the chicken into manageable pieces!
These could have been cut into 3 pieces
to make popcorn tenders!

Into the egg go the pieces as you whack 'em!

Sḱqvoosh them around already!!

Arrange them in the breader but don't crowd 'em!

Cover them ẅ a thin layer of breading,
then put the whole contraption together and shake it!

Needs just a few more shakes!

Ok!  Done!!!

Set them aside to await their brethren &
their fate ẅ the deep fryer!
(You did remember to start heating the oil, right?!)

Repeat the whole process until you're done!

This whole batch took me only 25 min
start-to-finish, incl screwing around taking pics!
At this point, they are ready for the fryer!

I par-fried most of them so that I can chuck 'em in the freezer
 to await an evening when I don't feel like cooking!

15-18 min on broil in the toaster oven, then hit them ẅ some 
Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Marinade and broil them until sizzlin!!!
If you've never had this marinade, I *highly* recommend it!
(The link below is for a multi-pack)

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