Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deep Fried Venison Steak Nuggets!! -- 01-12-2013

On a recent trip I took to Edmonton, Alberta, I had the fortune of dining on prime cuts of deep fried black angus beef and it was a sublime experience!!  The other night, I decided to make my own version using some  beautiful venison steaks!  Check out how I did it!

Sorry about the piss-poor lighting!
These are actually very-well-trimmed steaks from
the yearling doe that I butchered in a previous post!

Hack the nuggets up into smallish bite-sized pieces!

Whip up your glaze!
For this batch, I combined Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce,
 Kikoman Teriyaki, Soy Sauce, and a little Shit Yeah!
Sweet, zingy, barbeque-y, and Asian-y!!

These nugs are just getting a light coating of Zatarain's breading, 
so no need to dunk 'em in egg as we would otherwise normally do!
Throw them in the Batter Pro and toss a little breading on them...

...then shake 'em up!

If they look a little damp, then they need a little more!

Now they are lookin' sexy!!

Another sexy close-up!

Once you've deep fried them to medium-rare,
throw them in the glaze!

Better lighting!!

Holy shit, I wish I had made a TON of these!
As it were, I only made about 1lb of them and they were so popular, 
that the ones pictured were all that remained by the time I pulled out my camera!
I will DEFINITELY be making these again in the near future!

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