Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chicken Tender Salad Skewers!! -- 01-11-2013

What makes a salad better (ahem) bearable??  Meat! Forget all that fancy shit like pine nuts, feta (blech!), and esp. salad dressing!  Just give me a plain old salad and some meat to choke it down with!  Get a look at what I made the other night!

Grab a bag of chicken tenders that we had made in a previous episode!

Chuck 'em in the toaster oven on broil until they are sizzlin'!!

Ooh baby, these are lookin' good!!

Whack up your rabbit food!

OMG! These are addictive!!
Try not to eat them all without touching the salad!

Another sexy close-up!

Everything ready??  Good!

Time to chow down!
Now, I did just mini-skewers like these,
but you could also use full-size skewers and 
alternate the ingredients just like you would with normal ka-bobs!

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