Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chicken Fajita Chowder!! 01-03-2013

Why make the same old batch of soup each time?!  I decided to change it up a little bit and everyone seemed really happy with the results! Check out this batch of Chicken Fajita Chowder!

Grab a package of the Fajita-marinaded thighs & dummies from the freezer
and defrost them only long enough to separate the pieces.

I used one bigass can of chopped tomatoes in this batch!

Into Le Creuset go the chicken pieces!

Now, toss the tomatoes in there!

I like my soup zingy!

I added some Vegeta & a bit of Sazon...

then tossed in a cebolla! (seh-boy-yah)
a.k.a onion!

Now add your chicken stock!

Don't forget the schmaltz!!!

Looks like it's ready for the oven!

45 min later...

Things are just now starting to really get cooking!

Another 1.5 hours later!
Before stirring it...

...and after giving it a stir!

Startin' to look good!

Don't forget to start the rice!

Mantequilla goes into the pan first!

Toss in the arroz when the mantequilla is hot!

Starting to get toasty!

Getting there...

Finally!  Nice & toasty!
Be sure to stir frequently when toasting rice or you will scorch it!
Toasting your rice will add flavor, but don't hesitate to add
garlic, salt, and more sazon!
(After toasting!)

When it is ready, throw it into the proper amount of boiling water!
Be carefs, damnit!!

Mmm....getting steamy!
Close that lid!

Awww yeah!

Now we're talkin'!!! 

The toasted jasmine rice is done!

Yank the pot out of the oven,
then pull out all of the chunks of chicken!

No more big chunks!

 Let the chicken cool off for a bit while you deal with the soup part!

Give it a thorough beating with a mixer, hand-powered or otherwise.

Now grab your dairy products...

Add a bunch of Half&Half,

then hit it ẅ some parmesan/romano cheese blend!
Go to town on it to make it nice and creamy!

Cool yet? Good!
Now get busy!

Ah, much better!

Shredded chicken on the left, crappola on the right!

Sexy close-up!

Another sexy close-up!
You did remember to steam a bag of corn, right?!

Everything ready??
Combine 'em!

Sexy close-up!

OMG, I'm starving!

Grab two ladels of soup from the pot and heat it up!

Add in the rice, then stir until heated through!

Plate it up!

Ready for chowder!

Time to dig in!

This stuff was a real crowd-pleaser!
Nice & hot on a frigid winter evening in Michigan!
Pass the Shit Yeah! sauce!  I'm kickin' mine up a notch!

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