Friday, December 28, 2012

Schmaltz!! 12-28-2012

Check it out!! I finally got around to freezing the schmaltz from ChickenFest 2012!  Don't know what schmaltz is? Click here to find out!

This is the monstrous hockey puck of schmaltz (chicken fat) that came from
the 44 birds from ChickenFest 2012!
It's solidified because of the temperature and
was easy to separate from the stock underneath.

Onto the heat and it isn't long before the puck starts to melt!
Notice the minor impurities...

...which cloud the smaltz.
Now, this is ok & some might say could add flavor,
but I'm making some nice, clear, give-some-to-yer-mudda grade schmaltz!!

Three filtrations through a thin layer of cheesecloth with heat applied between each round
and the schmaltz is much clearer!!

Finally!!  It's ready!

This was an epiphany that I had the other day!
Freeze the schmaltz in a thin layer so that
it can be busted up into thin wafers!!
Cool, huh?!

Sexy close-up!

Another sexy close-up!

Ok! Time to take it outside to solidify!

It's 31° out, so this will set up quick!

Nice, huh?!

40 minutes later!

Better lighting!
As you can see, it has solidified into a nice, thin sheet.

Back out into the lovely Michigan weather!

Once it cracks on its own, it's ready!

Break that shit up!
Quit wasting time!
It will literally melt in your fingertips!

Check out that sexy schmaltz!!
What do you do with it now?
Stoach it in a bag in the freezerator!
What do you do with it later?
Stay tuned for future episodes!

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