Saturday, December 29, 2012

Roasted Garlic!! -- 12-18-2012

OMG!  I **love** me some roasted garlic!!! Those of you who know what I'm sayin', know what I'm sayin', and those of you who don't, well... there is hope for you yet!  Click here to see more!

Get yourself a bunch of garlic!
I do 2lbs at a time bec I love this stuff so much!

In a garbage bag, skwoosh the bulbs around to get the outer paper off...

then get rid of it!

Outer paper has been removed in this shot!

Sexy close-up!

Another sexy close-up!
Notice that the cloves still have their paper on them!

Wrap the top of the garbage bag around your hand and
then take it outside and beat it firmly, but not hard enough to
bruise the cloves of garlic.  Doing this will loosen most of the paper from them!

The paper has been separated from the cloves, but it's a sticky mess.
Dump them into a big pot and then put it under running water
and agitate it to get the paper to float to the surface for easy removal! 
You'll be left with a pile of nice, clean cloves!

And a bucket of garlic paper!
Throw it in the fireplace! 

See how easy this was?!?


...but it needs lube!!

See?! Doesn't it look a lot happier now?!

Add a cup or so of chicken stock and a bit of schmaltz then toss it in the oven!

An hour and change later, it's all done!
I devoured a ton of this as soon as it was cool enough to shovel into my mouth!
Roasted garlic is one of my favorite things to eat!
I just grab some Wheat Thins and go to town!
(I also use it in a lot of dishes that I make too!)

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