Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pastaccioli!! --12-26-2012

My latest adaptation of mostaccioli has meatballs, two kinds of pasta, sauteed green pepper & onion, and lots of garlic!! Take a look at how I did it!

 Instead of chunks of burger, I decided to go with meatballs!
Grab a batch of the ones we made in a previous episode from the freezer
and toss 'em in the fryin' pan!

I made a big batch, so I decided to cook the 'balls in two sessions!

Into the pan go the onions

and green pepper.
Why not together?
Bec I didn't find the damn peppers in the fridge until it was too late!
The fridge may need cleaning and reorganization. :(
All 3 of them.  Damn it. Back to what I was saying...

Garlic! Roasted garlic, if you have it! (I did!)

Don't skimp on the garlic!!!

You did heat up the sauce, right??
I used 2 x 24oz cans of Hunt's Garlic & Herb Pasta Sauce

24 oz of sauce gets added to 1¼ lbs (uncooked wt) pasta
Then toss in the meatballs...

...and the onions, peppers, and roasted garlic!

Now!  Toss on a full pound of cheese!!
Stir it all together and then stoach it until you are ready to party!
1¾hrs on 325° and you will be ready to serve 10+ ppl for less than $1/each!
Don't hesitate to do this your way! 
Add/Remove/Change ingredients!
Get creative! I made this from stuff I had on-hand!!

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