Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mexican Chicken Sliders!! 12-30-2012

I wanted to keep it simple tonight, so I decided to make some pulled chicken!!  This was easy, though not quick, but I had all day to wait and watch football, so why not, eh?!?  Click here to see more!

In a previous episode...
I had seasoned, then frozen, a bunch of chicken!
Tonight, I started by grabbing a bag of the Fajita seasoned thighs & drummies!

I defrosted them in the nuker just long enough to get them separated.

Into the KitchenAid oven roaster with a half a beer or so!

Sexy close-up!
(Click on any image to embiggen!)

Cover it!

1.2732 hrs later on 362.5839° and it is done!

Oh man! Falling off the bone, just as it should!

Sexy close-up!

Another sexy close-up!

After it is cooled off, separate the meat from the crappola!

This takes five minutes, tops. Gloves help.
Not because I don't want to get my hands goochie,
but rather because the chicken doesn't stick to latex like it does to skin!

Sexy close-up!

Another sexy close-up!

Onions & mustard??? Hell no!! 
Cloves of roasted garlic!

Get that shit sizzlin'!!

Now! Quick!!! Hit it with some Goya Saźon!!!
This stuff is incredible!!  Do not doubt me!! :)

Needs another splash of beer!!!

Add the chicken when you are ready!

How's that for some action?!?


Drooling yet??

Mini sammiches!!!

Better lighting!!
These things need something.... hmmmmm...

Shit Yeah! sauce!!! (Sriracha!)
These things are born as an endangered species because
they will only last seconds after creation!

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