Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bröt!! 12-21-2012

Sure, you could go buy bread from the store (hell, I do), or you could get off your lazy ass and make it yourself (which I also do)!    I just made a batch of parmesan/romano cheese garlic dinner rolls and they were awesome!!  Check 'em out!

I've made so many batches of dough that I don't bother measuring anything anymore.
If you want exact measurements, come over and beat them out of me!

Essentially, this is condensed milk, a little sugar, yeast, & garlic salt!
Oh yeah, butter too!!

This is garlic bread, right?? 
Don't forget the parmesan/romano blend grated cheese!
No, I didn't have any on-hand to grind myself!
Suck it! I'll get some for next time, aight?!?

Say "Cheese!!"

Now, beat it!
Add your flour a LITTLE bit at a time!!

 Knead it!

Keep kneading, damnit!
Just a tblspn of flour at a time, yo!

Oh God, this is taking foreves!
Keep adding flour,SLOWLY!!!


Lookin' about done!

It should grab up almost all of the stuff in the bowl

See it getting "twisty"?  That's also a good indication that it is nearly done! 

I love my KitchenAid Stand Mixer!!

All done!!

Sexy (kinda) close-up! 

Another sexy close-up!

You're makin' dinner rolls, right?!?
So, get to stuffin' these suckers up their own asses!
If you need me to show you how, hit me up!

Sexy close-up!

Make 'em smile!

Then snip them the other way!

Shitty lighting!!
Does anyone have a light rig to donate to me??

I made two batches, of course!

Happy happy!

All toasty!

Lube them up w/ a little butter & let the love happen!!

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