Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Venison Stephenoff! 11-09-2012

Remember the "football roast" from the deer that I carved up the other day?!  Well, I've made it into my very own version of stroganoff! I've hearby dubbed it "Venison Stephenoff" and it is DELICIOUS!!!!  Click here to start salivating!

This football roast has been marinated in stroganoff seasonings and a bit of schmaltz for a few days!

See the thing in the upper-right of the picture?
That's a "jaccard"!  It has 48 blades for tenderizing meat!

Use your jaccard to punch a million holes into any roast to tenderize it BIG TIME!
Doing so breaks the inter-muscular tendons and membranes that make the meat tough!

Now, chuck it into your Le Creuset!
Don't forget to preheat the hotbox!

Hmmm... needs a little cebolla!
I probably would have thrown in some dried mushrooms if I had them too! 

I then added a little over a cup of chicken stock and a fat dollop of schmaltz!
Do not add cream or half&half until later!!

Cover that shit, b!

Not quite done yet!

1 hour on 350, 2.5 more on 250 and this stuff was done PERFECT! 

This incredible pile of loveliness didn't need to have cream or half&half added!
Feel free to add it if you so desire!

Shred the meat and mix it up!

My only regret was not having made twice this much!
This stuff was FANTASTIC!!

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