Monday, November 26, 2012

My First Deer!!!!! -- 11-06-2012

Check it out!! Big Bad Brad brought me the very first deer that I've ever butchered!  Take a peek at how I hacked it up into beautiful steaks and pro-grade swaasage! Click here to see more!  Warning: Not for the squeamish!

I got a call from Brad letting me know that he managed to get a year-old doe!
As per our previously agreed-upon arrangement,
I would get to keep half of the meat in exchange for butchering it!

He did a decent job field dressing it, so now it was time for me to get to work!

The legs are the first thing to go!
Mind you, this is the first time I've ever done this, but fear not!
I watched at least one video on YouTube on how to do it!
So, no praabs... I've got this!

The sawzall makes it easy to remove the appendages!

Laughing my ass off as I slit the skin around the neck!

Take your coat off and stay for dinner, my friend!!

This wasn't as hard as you would think.
A really sharp knife helps!

Ta-Daa!!!   Lookin' much more appetizing now!!

Born & raised in Michigan!

The meat ought to be nice & tender because it's not an old, tough buck!

I may be enjoying this too much!

Black Rob to the rescue!
He showed up to lend his expertise!
He has never once paid to have his deer processed!

He showed me how to do it on the port side,
and I did the starboard side!
We were done removing the primals before we knew it!

Not much remains after removing the primals (major cuts).
For those of you wondering, there isn't enough meat on the ribs
to make them worth messing with, esp on a doe this small.

Black Rob is a lightning fast ninja with a filet knife.
He went to town on the leg as I looked on while I also started
making a pile of meat to be ground into burger.

I really enjoy doing this type of thing.  By now, 4 - 5 guys came by to hang.
We had Pandora jammin' tunes and a few squirts from the keg poured!

Butchery, drankin', and bullshittin'!
Typical Monday night in Michigan!

Front legs and a loin!

A whole back leg and the resulting roasts from the one Rob did.

Time for me to hack up the other hind leg!

Gotta get that pesky bone out of there!

Now ya see it... ya don't!!

Ok, enough screwing around!
It's getting late! Get this shit done!

80% removed!  Time to remove the "football" roast!

Football roast still on the leg bone on the left, 
big pile of boneless roasts on the right!

Time to butterfly the steaks!  Rob does his round,
but my people tend to do them "L.A. style" -- elongated, rectangular.
The football roasts are now on the right!

Sexy steaks!

Not a bad pile of meat from this doe!

This is one of the loins, whole,
and some of the butterflied loin steaks Rob cut on the right!

Sexy close-up!

That giant pile of meat on the left are very-well-trimmed scraps
destined for a date with the meat grinder!

Another sexy close-up!

This venison will be ground up and added to pork and seasonings!
Check back for another post on how I transmogrified this into some incredible sausage!!

Tenderloins up front, loin steaks in back!

As always, season & lube up your meat before you chuck it in the chill chest!

These babies oughta be tasty!!!!

I used various seasonings for each bag of steaks, 
though I only managed to get pics of the ones in pub seasoning!

Be sure to toss in a bit of vegetable oil to lube things up nicely!
This will help to prevent freezer burn!

My new good luck charms!

Who wants to play fetch?!? 
Dogs will love me. Dog-owners not so much!

No, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this yet.
If you can make a recommendation on how to preserve it
without putting a lot of effort into it, please shoot me a note!

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