Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Word of the Week: Eloté!!

Today's Word of the Week: Eloté!!
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This is typically how corn-on-the-cob will look when you pick it up from the store.
Quite obviously, it needs work if you intend to store it in the fridge for later!

Left untouched, the hair on top of the cob will begin to get gross and rot after a few days!


...and after!! 
Don't trim off too much!

The butt end is clearly longer than necessary!

Trim it off about an inch or so below the bottom of the cob inside!


This is how you want the cob to come out!

By leaving a layer of husk on the cobs, you'll extend their shelf-life by at least a week!

See what a mess these were prior to trimming??

Don't they look much more appetizing now??

A whole bunch of cobs can be done all at once in just a matter of minutes!

As is, they can be put directly on the grill or into the microwave!

Doesn't this look like some good corn on the cob?!?

What most people don't know is that you can make
PERFECT corn-on-the-cob
just by throwing them (as shown in husks above)
into the nukerator for 3 - 4 min (dep on the strength of your unit).

In the summer, I eat at least one of these every day!
A lot of times, I'll have 2/day just because they are a tasty, guilt-free snack!

Eloté is the Mexican word for corn-on-the-cob!
Mind you, this is not a Spanish word, but more specifically and exclusively
used by my people from Mexico!
Traditionally, you can buy one from someone called an
"Elotero", a.k.a. Corn-on-the-Cob-Man.
These vendors sell them street-side from a steamer box,
often times schmearing them w/ mayo and/or grated parmesan cheese!
Be carefs which Elotero you buy from!
Some aren't as concerned with hygiene or food safety as others!

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