Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hoo Haa's End-of-Summer Bash!! -- 9-29-2012

Once again, as happens each year at this time, the leaves begin to change as the cold weather makes an attempt to sneak up on us in a manner similar to the way in which Oprah sneaks up to a box of doughnuts! Despite the change in weather, Hoo Haa had his annual End-of-Summer Bash at which we gorged ourselves on mountains of smoked pork while washing it down with plenty of suds! Click here to check out more pics of the fun! 

What would I do without the Byrnestein advantage?!?

Remember the previous episode entitled "Vorbereitungen!!"??
Scope it out to see how we got to this point!

All of the work done in preparation for this event made
everything go smoothly! All we had to do was
defrost the meat, then heat it up!

Once we got it sizzlin'...

We trayed it up and served to the masses!

Mmm, pork! 

Sexy close-up!!

Everyone was thrilled with the way the pork came out!
Of course, there were plenty of other side-dishes, but
the smoked boneless riblets were truly the star of the show!
Scroll down for a few pics of the fire, or

Gotta love a little bonfire!!

Couldn't get much closer than 15 feet from the fire!

Yours truly, with the help of young Chuck Malue, built this inferno!!!

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