Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Deep Fried Pork Cutlets & Nuggets!!

 OMG, I love pork!  I must eat pork 3 to 5 times a week! Click here to scope out how I make boneless pork cutlets and nuggets!!

For this, you will need to score some beautiful pork loin!

After you've trimmed the silverskin off the outside,
hack the pork loin into chops.
Get rid of the crap, but be sure to set the small scraps of meat aside! 

These chops can be rubbed, marinated, and stoached for later at this point...

or you can pound the hell out of them!

Try to get them to a uniform thickness of 3/8"

Use something with a broad, flat surface.
I used a pot to whack 'em. 

Damn focus (or lack thereof!)!!

It takes a while, but doing this is well worth it!

Once you're all done beating your meat, 
give them a roll in a bit of corn starch.

Now, grab the meat scraps and toss them in a bag.

Why would anyone let this go to waste?!?

Ten seconds later....

Time to beat up a few huevos!!

Add the meat and schlop it around with a fork
to make sure that it gets into the folds.

Put it all back in the bag, but try to save some of your egg for the flattened cutlets!

Time to toss in the garlic, salt, pepper, and breadcrumbs!
Feel free to experiment with other seasonings!
I once used a Bavarian seasoning that made this come out incredible!
My only regret is not having any available at the moment!

Toss it until everything is coated.
Add more breadcrumbs if necessary.

I used a combination of 3 types of breadcrumbs.
Progresso Italian, Zatarain's, & Panko.
You do it however you'd like!

Get your shit together!

Doesn't the pork look excited?!?!

Now look how happy it is!!!!

Be patient... let the love happen!


Be carefs, yo!!
It's HOT!!!

Now, get to gettin' yer cutlets done!

ALWAYS make WAAAAY more than you can eat in one sitting!
You'll thank yourself later!!

This little deep fryer is taking FOREVER!!!!
I shoulda fired up the Big Daddy!!!

It's getting the job done though!

OMG, look at all that crunchy goodness!

How could one NOT like deep fried pork nugs?!!?

Only thing better than pork nuggets is moar pork nuggets!!

Finally!  All done!

These are to be the chef's first victims!!!!

Holy shit this thing was HOT!!  It had just come right out of the oil!
Have I mentioned that I love pork??!?! 

Now, bag up whatever you haven't already stuffed in your face
before it's too late!

These babies are ready to chuck in the freezerator to await
an evening when you really don't feel like cooking!
15 minutes in the broiler oven straight from the freezer and you'll be
thanking yourself for having gone through all this trouble ahead of time!

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