Thursday, October 4, 2012

Damn This Shitty Weather!!

Having somehow caught the extended outlook for the local weather on the radio the other day, I was made aware of the possibility of a frost this coming weekend!  Click here to see how I mitigated the risk of frost from killing my garden!

This is the second-biggest pumpkin in the garden!

These are some late-blooming flowers that seem to have
thoroughly enjoyed the Miracle Gro I've been giving them!

This monster is actually around 50+ lbs!

Swiss Chard sure is nice-lookin' though it kinda tastes like shit!


Another Habenero!

"White" bell peppers!


Thai Basil!!

A little flower of some sort!

My newly-acquired Mini-Devil Pepper plant!

More Habeneros!


The pepper plants hanging out merrily under the deck!

I had to move the more-sensitive plants into the house!

I'm not really using the kitchen at all right now anyway... why not fill it w/ beautiful plants?!

See how happy this Thai Basil is?!?!

See how happy I am knowing that my plants won't freeze?!?

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