Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Man muss im Leben für die Zukunft vorbereitet sein wenn man das Verlangen verspürt mit geringem Aufwand zu kochen und dabei aber hervorragende Ergebnisse erzielen will ohne sich dabei selbst mit zu viel Mühe zu Grunde zu richten!

For those of you whose German is a little rusty, it translates (approximately) to:
"One must prepare for the future if one feels the urge to cook with little effort but (still) wants to achieve excellent results without troubling themselves beyond reason."

A very special thanks goes out to BananaStandOwner on OKC for the native-tongue German translation! 

Though these are actually beautiful baby-back ribs, I hacked up the
boneless chunks of pork loin into manageable pieces in much the same way!

Side-action shot!!! 




Bag it, then...

Shake'n'Bake, Ricky-Bobby, Shake'n'Baaaake!

Shake'n'Bake, baby!

Mmmm, poooork!!! Lookin' lovely, but not ready yet!

Don't throw away that chain meat!  

Stoach it for later, yo!!! 

Label yer baggage, then...

Wrap that shit up, B!

I saaaaaiid "Wrap it up, B!"...
...the chain meat, that is.

Needs more seasonings!

Doctor Schertzer to the rescue!

Hmm... something's missing...

Why is there no love going on here?!?

Because I forgot the lube!!! 

NOW it's time for more seasonings!

And a little more lube!!

Time to prep the smoker units!

Don't forget your water pans when smoking!
Don't tell me that I didn't warn you!!

Mmm.. pork!  

Smoking away the afternoon...

Yes, these are the ribs again, but this was a decent pic
taken during the day, so I decided to use it!

Be sure to babysit the smoker so that you can
add more mesquite (or whatever) when needed!

Sexy night-shot!

This was the first batch...

...and here it is all done smoking!

Now it's time to hack these mini-footballs of pork...

...into perfectly smoked boneless riblets!!

This is what they looked like all bagged & tagged ready for the freezerator!
There was 3 times this much still left to do the next day!

Back at it again on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Smoking nicely... be sure to check out the full gallery to see video of the smokers in action!

Just getting under way!

I don't think that I could have fit much more in this smoker!

They certainly look like happy little
hunks of pork, don't they???

I made sure to rotate the whole thing every few hours... ensure evenness of smoking and done-ness!

Things are progressing nicely at this point!

Finally, after much ado, they're done!

Another sexy night-shot!

'Twas quite the mountain of pork!

Mmmm... have I mentioned that I have an addiction to smoked pork??

Sexy close-up!!

Yet another sexy close-up!

Here's a close-up of a chunk sliced up!
Note the smoke-ring!  Awesome, eh??

Now, time to whack it all up!

Now that's a pile of pig!

Into the bag it goes in waiting for the finalization on the grill! 

Only thing left to do is sizzle them up on the hibachi grill
until they are hot and then slather them in BBQ sauce! 

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