Friday, September 21, 2012

Pollo con Arroz Y Elote!!

Chicken & Rice with a side veg (read: “vedge”) is a staple dish that can be made any one of a billion ways!  Click here to get your hunger on!

On this particular occasion, I sautéed up the chicken that I’d  stuck in the freezerator after having rubbed it down in lube & some Goya Sazon! 

Once I had the pollo on the stovetop with a little fresh basil from the garden, I got the Rice-a-Roni on the make before chucking an elote in the nuker!

See how easy this is?!?  It’s so easy that the entire dish can be described accurately in just two sentences! 

Oh yeah! Don't forget the Fiery Diablo Seasoning!

FYI --- For those astute and dedicated readers, you may be screaming “So, does this qualify as Bachelor Chow?!”, to which I would holler back “You’re damn right it does!” 

Remember??  A meat, a carb, and a veg combined in any one of a bajillion ways with some seasonings and a little love is an equation that yields an easy, cost-effective, and tremendously delicious dishful of face-fodder!

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