Monday, September 10, 2012


As it turned out, the Planning Committee for the Labor Day Camping Trip 2012 decided that I would be responsible for dinner on Friday night and had kindly requested that I serve mostaccioli because, frankly, it’s awesomesauce.  I happily obliged this request because mostaccioli is a no-brainer, rather affordable, and easy-peasy to heat-n-eat when the time is right!  Here’s how I knocked it out! 

Start your sauce on low to get things warming up.  
See my post on spaghetti sauce when it comes out!

A little heat helps to incorporate the flavors of the
 additional seasonings you are going to add to the sauce.

Boil up your noodles!
I'm feeding a big group, so I made 2+ lbs of pasta!

Always use more than one type of pasta in your baked pasta dishes!
Cooked separately, both rigatoni and penne were used this time.
Be sure to under-cook them somewhat to ensure that they
don't get mushy when you bake it!

Mostaccioli, like most dishes, needs LOTS of meat!

Cooked separately, both homemade burger meat and store-bought sausage
were fried up in preparation for addition to this mega-batch of 'ccioli! 

Sizzle up some aromatics with lubricant to give it some extra love
while also allowing for easier mixing of the mostaccioli.

Once everything is ready, start by mixing in the olive oil & herbs,
then add the rest and stir it up!

Hopefully, you've made enough sauce for the batch.
If it looks dry at this point, then it will be waaay too dry after baking,
so make sure that you have enough sauce to lube everything nicely.

Be SURE to taste test everything as you make it!
How else would you know it needs more
fresh ground black pepper or basil??
Add in the 3 cheese blend (that you made in another episode) at the very end (not pictured).
As this is presently, you can put this in the fridge for a few days
before you bake it at 375° until it is piping hot!

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