Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Leftover Schlopp! (Dinner 9-11-12)

Leftovers are a wonderful thing!  Fact: If you don't like eating your own leftover food, then you didn't make it right to begin with!  Click here to check out the schlopp that I threw together the other night!

I *always* have frozen corn
J.I.C. of an emergency!
(I love corn!)

One package of frozen corn, plus some butter
 and 2  tblsp H2O & some Fiery Diablo Seasoning,
then throw it in the nukerator for 3 - 4 min

Get one box of long grain wild rice on the stove pronto!

Set it on low and go get another brewski!

Albondigas Refritos leftover from the other night!

I only wish I had more leftover!

Don't forget to keep an eye on the rice!

When the rice is done, chuck in the corn...

... then toss in the meatballs...

...and mix it all up!

Make sure you taste it so that
you can add sea salt and fresh ground pepper!

Put it back on low if it needs a little more heat!

When it's piping hot, plate it up and get to chowing down! 

Sexy close-up!!

Yet another sexy close-up!!

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