Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Garden Update!!!

Though the season will soon come to an end, the garden at Brewster is still growing like crazy!  Check out the latest pics!

Left to right:  Swiss Chard, jalapenos in front,
habanero's in second row.

Habaneros & Japs love to grow in the same pot as onions!

White bell peppers!  These things are very tasty!

The cherry tomatoes are good this year, but I didn't get a lot of them. 

Decorative grass of some sort

Cooper is one crazy pooch!


The Thai basil is going nuts!

Birch trees!

I've gotten a surprising amount of green beans
 from just these two plants!

Too many tomato plants in one pot!  
Not enough elbow room or dirt to grow!

This picture is only a few days old and
this pumpkin is already remarkably bigger!

Bigger than a basketball already
and there is still time to grow!

Pumpkin plants tend to take over the garden!

Under the foliage...

...grow more pumpkins!

Hard to tell, but this pumpkin is bigger
than a tennis ball!

This little hot pepper plant put out tons of fiery peppers!

This is a lousy shot of the butterfly bush
that does a very good job of attracting butterflies!

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