Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dome Update!!! Painting Complete!!

Finally!!!  I've managed to knock out the next phase of the Geodesic Dome Project!!!  Though it took an entire weekend to do, painting the struts for the dome was worth every bit of effort & money put into it! Click here to check out more pics!

This was only a small portion of the whole pile of struts!

The first coat went on in the garage...

...then I put it out in the sun to dry!
Obviously, the first coat is not going to be perfect...

...so I worked on doing the second coat!

The second coat took forever!!!

Roughly half of the 70 struts needed to erect the dome!

The other half of the struts!

The whole pile!

It actually took two full coats
plus another round of touch-up...

...to get them all lookin' beautiful! 

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