Monday, September 10, 2012

Beef Jerky!!!!

The Universe itself decided that it was time for me to make beef jerky by planting not one but two giant slabs of angus chuck steak right in front of me at Sam's Club marked down (seemingly for me exclusively) to half off the normal price!  I could not win the fight against the temptation that compelled me to buy it, so why even bother trying to resist??  So, into the cart it went!  Here is how I handled it from there!

Angus Chuck Steak, not brisket, but that would have worked too!

Jerky should be made from very lean meat.

 Trim off as much fat as possible...

...then cut it into 3/8ths inch slices across the grain.

Mmmmm..... beeeeef

What's better than beef?  Moar beef!

Now, mix your jerky seasoning w/ the proper amount of cure.

 Sexy close-up shot!

 Bag your beef...
 ...then dump in the spices and mix it up!

Continue to mix the meat... 

 ...until the spices are evenly distributed.

Once the meat has been convinced of your good intentions,

...push out as much air as possible, then...

stoach it in the fridge over night!

Once the love happens, 

the meat can be impaled upon skewers.

5 lbs of trimmed, sliced beef yielded about 40 pieces.

Resist the urge to eat them raw!

You've already started the smoker unit, right?

This was taken about 30 minutes into the smoking process.

The smoke and cure hadn't yet had the time to color the meat at this point.

4 1/2 hours later, all done!! 

Another sexy close up!

Mmmmm.... beeeeef!! 

One suggestion when making jerky:

Make a TON!

It will go faster than you expected!

Especially if you have hungry friends like I do!

Don't forget to bring some in to work... make your co-workers jealous!

Click a link below to see the gallery!

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