Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BBQ Seasoning Blend!!

Given that everyone has their own preferences and predilections, my prerogative is to adjust store-bought seasoning blends to suit my own taste!  I highly suggest you do the same because these blends are typically formulated to please the lowest common denominator in our society, which means that those of us who prefer more bold, lively flavors have to take drastic and daring measures so that we can continue to live our lives on the edge!! Click here to read on, fellow rabble-rouser! 

Grab your favorite pre-made seasoning blends...

...and get the rest of your shit together!

Dump 'em in!

Give it a stir!

Mmm, not bad, but missing some pizzazz!  

You've your other mise en place, no yes??

Don't forget to toss in the last of the 
last batch of your kicked up seasoning blend!

Now with the addition of the last of my previous batch.

I add garlic by the buttload!!

So, I love garlic! Wanna fight about it??  :)

Now I add the dried, minced onion!

Say cheese!
(Damned blurry images!!)

OMG! Who is that stud scoopin' brown sugar?!?

Time for the freshly ground pepper!

I happen to like my BBQ seasoning blend with a healthy amount of chili powder!
This really brings out the boldness!

Here's what the whole thing looks like prior to mixing!

Now stir it up!

Sexy close-up!!

Now go get yourself some pork and have a good ol' rub-down this evening!

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