Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peake'n'Stine's 5th Annual 30th B-Day Party: The Debriefing!

Not quite half-way done...
Once again, as legend had foretold, the 5th annual Peake’n’Stine bash was hailed as the best yet thrown and shall not be easy to out-do next year!  Good folks from near and far reunited for good grub, good beer, and good times!  The suds & squealer were graciously provided by the hosts Jake Stine & Sasha Kush, without whom this soiree would not have been possible!  Without a doubt, their hard work in preparation for the party paid off in the form of guests enjoying themselves comfortably while a smooth cooking operation ran nearly unnoticed in both the kitchen and in the grill area.   As a result, this year’s pig was dubbed the best yet by all those in attendance!   Served alongside dinner rolls, corn on the cob, Jake’s traditional baked beans, and Esteban’s righteous fresh guacamole, the roasted pork was perfectly flavored from all of the apple wood used to smoke it.   

...finished (finally!)

Prior to this main course, we’d all grown a hunger that had been stoked by an entire day of smelling the succulent pork rotating slowly as it cooked in its own juices and the Kuenhenn’s Porter with which we kept spraying it!

Just some of the grub up for grabs!

To stave off this hunger, we’d fried deeply the various vittles that had been generously brought by the guests as sacrifices to the Gods of Deep Frying.  Propane was set alight and, before we knew it, Chef Byrnes had whipped up batch after batch of french fries & tater tots, as well as freshly-breaded chicken wings and zucchini, the latter of which had been harvested from Byrnestyle Farms not more than an hour before cooking!

Not the first pig Jamie's ever kissed!

Cornhole and Frisbee Cups were played until it became too dark to see, at which point the stadium lighting was erected!  The firepit was ablaze, our stomachs were stuffed, our cups were full, and so on the party went until the wee hours when only the strong remain standing.  With great fortune and perhaps a bit of benevolence from the Party Gods, this year’s Peake’n’Stine Bash was a major success!   I think it is safe to say that we are all already looking forward to next year!   

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