Monday, August 20, 2012

Peake-n-Stine's 5th Annual 30th B-Day Bash!!!!

This coming weekend will be the 5th Annual Peake-n-Stine's 30th B-Day "Shitwhathaveyou"!!!  Yet another year has flown by and it is once again time to congregate the extended crew to feast upon massive piles of swine and copious amounts of booze in a merry reunion of good people from far and wide! Old friends and new shall clink glasses again after the far-too-long that it has been since we’ve all seen one another last.  Indeed, there shall be no shortage of good times and shenanigans to be had!  

This year, this soiree will be hosted at Stine’s new residence in Farmington Hills!  Once again, Sasha has made over 200 Jell-o shots & there will be two barrels a-flowin’, but guests are also encouraged to bring a bottle of booze or some specialty/microbrew beer to share!  The Big Pig Rig will be slow-roasting a 90 lb squealer injected with beer, stuffed with garlic, and smoked over apple wood until it’s falling off the bone!  Steve’s “cooler corn” (on the cob) and Stine’s baked beans are already taken care of, but everyone is welcome to bring a side dish or appetizer if they would like to do so!  Chip dips and salsas are already under control, but we will also have a massive deep fryer cookin’ up vittles, so we highly encourage people to bring things like chicken wings, mozz stix, japaleno poppers, tater tots, or anything else they would like to have fried!  

Indoor sleeping accommodations are unavailable at this point, but allegedly there is plenty of room to set up a tent in the backyard!  If things go as they have in years past, there will be a whole encampment of people passed out shortly before sun-up!  Bring what you need to camp out and plan on havin' fun until the wee hours around the bonfire! 
There has been an event created on Facebook for this party, so please RSVP through there so that the hosts can get an idea of how many people to expect!  Everyone is welcome, but keep in mind that this is an adult-oriented party that might won't be appropriate for the kiddies!  Dogs, especially chill, well-behaved dogs, are welcome!  Please let Jake or Jamie know if you plan on bringin' your K-9 along with you to party! 

See you at the pig roast! 


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