Monday, August 27, 2012

Keepin' it Fresh!

Though I'm not sure why storing one's broccoli in a vase is not more mainstream, I'm certain that my people have been doing so for centuries.  I've finally made the decision and spill the beans on this closely-guarded family secret to share it with the world!  As you can see here, the broccoli shipment that I've just received from Byrnestyle Farms is chillaxing merrily in a bit of water, patiently awaiting it's rendezvous with my facehole!

Click on the pics to embiggen!

Addendum:   Doing this sounds like a terrific idea, does it not?  Just be forewarned; broccoli is a cluster of very small flowers that actually smell like total asshole.  Also, even changing the water daily isn't going to keep your broccoli from tasting like "shit".  There's a "fishiness" that is certainly an acquired taste! It's no wonder I've had terrible gas lately! Haha!

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