Thursday, August 23, 2012


Chicago Baaab -- age 9!
Some people can be referred to as "normal" meaning that they are likely to fall within one standard deviation of typical behavior exhibited by other human beings under similar circumstances.  Then there are those of us who would otherwise fall into a category outside of the norm, which can be assigned any arbitrary name, but shall henceforth be referred to as "wierdos", or those people that exhibit abnormal behavior as compared to those that fall within the normal category.  Some might say that I fall within the latter category, and perhaps for good reason.  

Stop looking at my hands!
Not that it matters much, but I can type rather fast -- when no one is looking.  If someone were to watch me type, or if I even think that someone is watching me type, I suddenly lose the ability to move my fingers with the coordination needed to bang out my usual 50 or so WPM.  It's such to the point that I will actually request that people look away from my keyboard and simply watch what is on my screen, if I happen to be showing someone something on my PC.  Furthermore, I find that I cannot type nearly as fast when I, myself, look at my own hands while doing so!  Now, perhaps for this reason alone I should be categorized among the other weirdos out there, but I assure you that there are plenty of other reasons for which I find myself in the good company of those who fall outside of the norm.  

Cuz's kryptonite!
So, my question to you is:  In what way do you fall outside of "normal" behavior?  Are you like my brother, Chicago Bob, who, for the first two decades of his life, wouldn't eat food if it was touching the other food on the plate? (He's since gotten over this -- mostly -- and can now eat most things that reside in close proximity to one another on his plate real estate.)  Or like The Cuz, who grew up loving tomatoes, but is now repulsed by the thought of having to eat the mushy seed goop inside of them, yet he still thoroughly enjoys things with 'mater swaaace cooked into it (like my pastaccioli!).  

Here's an idea!  Let's RUIN this perfectly good bagel w/ a schmear!
Now, I'm not sittin' here huckin' stones in a glass yurt; I'm simply pointing out that most of us have eccentricities that fall outside the norm in one way or another.  I just happen to be more willing than most to admit that I'm not your average duck.  Everyone that knows me will tell you that I have a propensity to shun foods that are "white & creamy", though most assume that it is due to some fundamental aversion to the look/consistency of such foods because of their similarity to other, more undesirable substances when, in actuality, it stems moreso from a dislike of the "tangy/tart" shitty flavor that is typically associated with foods of this nature (read: sour cream, mayo, tartar sauce).  Don't get me wrong, I'm no picky eater!  I just fail to see the appeal of schmearing schome narsty schit on my bagel, if ya get what I'm sayin'! 

Tell us what you think!  Are you a weirdo too?  How so?  

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