Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BFC Night!! --- Teriyaki Glazed Chicken!

Though there had been no official plan formulated for that on which we would be feasting for last week's BFC Night, Dave Dubay managed to save the day by bringing a generous 3-lb contribution of boneless chicken breasts with which to do as we pleased!  Just as unexpectedly, Chicago Bob made his appearance 3.5 hours ahead of his anticipated arrival time with a thirst that seemingly could not be slaked!  After a good session of warm-up ceremonies, we got down to business and decided that the best thing to do w/ the chicken would be to hack it up and marinade it in a teriyaki/garlic/soy sauce glaze while we prepped the massive squash and zucchini that had been harvested from Byrnestyle Farms in West Bloomfield.  Into each their own saute pans the ingredients went; the chicken in one and the veggies in another, cooking away merrily as the chefs supervised while sipping suds.  Lo Mein, it was decided, was the appropriate starch with which to eat this Americanified Asian dish, so Byrnes got them on the make and before we knew it, BAM!  We were scarfing down Teriyaki-Glazed Chicken w/ Squash & Zucchini on a bed of Lo Mein and washing it all down with a cold squirt of Molson from the keg!  Yet another great BFC Night! 

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