Thursday, May 17, 2012

WTF is THIS?!? There's Corn Fungus Among Us!!!

Yeap!  That there is Oakland County's finest corn on the cob very nearly completely covered in fungus and other multi-cellular colonies of organisms feasting happily upon the slowly rotting vegetative matter upon which they currently reside!  This was the direct result of what happens when Amanda hides shit around my house!  I found it only a day or two after she had hid this in my tool cabinet, so I returned the favor by putting it in the liner of her dirty hippy purse!!  Unfortunately for her, she didn't find it for at least a week thereafter, though it would have been longer had I not kinda pushed her toward finding it "accidentally"!  

She'd felt the unknown lump in her purse and realized that it was in the liner when she found nothing in the actual purse compartment itself, so she reached right on in there and the look of "Wait-a-damn-minute! I-know-what-this-is!!" quickly registered on her face.  She then pulled it out and let out a girly yelp and chucked it when she saw that it was completely covered in gross shit!  Hahaha!  I proceeded to laugh my ass off because I had a good feeling that the corn on the cob wasn't going to come out looking as nice as it had gone in!! Thoroughly disgusted and mortified, she swore to exact vengeance for this simple act of retaliation to a war that she herself had started the week before.  All I could do was continue laughing and tell her to bring it!  The two of us shared a good laugh over the whole thing, but I still anticipate some sort of swift, yet justified, retaliation on her part!  In other words... 

This ain't over yet!  :)

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