Friday, May 18, 2012

Succulent Boneless Smoked Pork Riblets!!

On Friday, May 11th, Erin Gilroy threw a little shindig to get a couple of people together for a little boozin' during the later end of the evening, so I made the decision earlier in the day that we would need something super-easy, yet super-tasty to huck on before making our way out to the party!  I had spent the entire day (8 hrs!) grinding the burrs off the struts for the Geodesic Dome Project, but had the foresight to get the smoker stuffed full of some pork I had scored from Sam's Club earlier in the morning!

Once I had convinced the ribs of the good treatment they have received  (as is done traditionally in the Netherlands!) by generously applying the finest of BBQ seasonings and rubbing it down with vegetable oil, all without making a enoooorme teringzooi (Dutch for "huge goddamn mess") in my kitchen!!  Thereafter, I bagged 'em until I had the fire stoked and everything else ready to rock and roll!

Smoking meat can be kind of a no-brainer, especially if you've done it a million times before.  Once I'd put it in the smoker, it was just a matter of babysitting it to make sure to add a few coals & more soaked hickory when necessary.  About half-way through the process, I flip the meat and rearrange it in the smoker to ensure that it is evenly cooked.  In this particular case, I undercooked the meat so that way we could throw it on the cast iron on the grill to sizzle it up w/ some BBQ swaace before we maʊed* down on it just prior to heading out to Gilroy's soiree.  Before I threw them on the grill, I whacked them up into riblets that were approximately 3 x 1.5 x 3/8ths inches so they were perfect for picking up and eating with our fingers!  Once they were nice and hot, we schlabbered some more swaace on 'em, then we attacked them like a starving pack of wolves!  Off to the party we went that night, stuffed to the gills w/ smoked porky goodness!  What a helluva way to start off on a Friday evening right here in America!!

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