Friday, May 25, 2012

GTFO Dodge for the Weekend!

The crew and I have decided to GTFO of Dodge this weekend to do a little partyin' with our people in Ohio!!  This evening, we intend to hit the open road as soon as possible after we're free from work to head toward the cabin in Ashland, Ohio owned by the brothers Byrnes in order to do some late-evening chillaxing followed by some early morning mowing of the foot-deep lawn (right after we get done fishing, that is!!!).  Unfortunately, Edward and I have not yet had the opportunity to venture down to the cabin yet this year, so there is likely to be a considerable amount of chores on which to catch up.  However, between Eddie, Amanda, and I, we should be able to knock it out quickly before making our way back up-state to Parma to party with Unc, Malue, and the rest of the Brotherhood of Fellow Christians (BFC'ers)!!
Look!!  Even Naa-Naa & Mee-Maw like a good Seafood Boil!
My brother, Bob, is lookin' sharp in this pic too!

This weekend Unc is throwing his annual Memorial Weekend Seafood Boil to which we've been graciously invited to attend!  Byrnes, Burpasaurus, and I are looking forward to stuffing ourselves full of awesome grub and washing it all down with copious amounts of beer and booze!!  I, personally, am highly anticipating huckin' on the Hot Corn that somehow manages to soak up more than its fair share of spiciness from the liquid in the boil!!  The way this corn on the cob imparts this subtle-yet-cumulative heat that encourages one to imbibe yet more beer in a futile attempt to squelch the fire raging in one's mouth!!  Is it too hot to handle for some?!  Sure!

This stuff is potent!! A little goes a long way!!

However(!), we made the mistake of reducing the amount of the ingredients (read: Zatarain's Shrimp & Crab Boil) in the recipe responsible for the spiciness and found this to be our biggest blunder yet when it comes to making the boil a great success!   It just wasn't the same without the heat!!!  In fact, we had sworn last year, after having made this mistake, that this lesson would not go unlearned, nor shall any Seafood Boil henceforth be without a significant & requisite amount of spiciness!!  Now, will we make a small side batch of the boil for those that cannot handle the heat?  Perhaps, but I certainly shall scoff at those individuals who are unable or unwilling to man-up a little bit for the sake of some damn good eats!!

Check back soon for a few pics and a report on all the fun we had at the event!

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