Monday, May 21, 2012

The Detroit Growers Association is now in action!!!

As some of you well know, there have been several heated rivalries forming between those of us with ambitious goals for our personal gardens this year, which has now come to be known locally as "Garden Wars"!  We've broken into teams of 1 to 4 people working to out-do each other's gardens in terms of both the quality and the amount of produce harvested!
I've created a page on this site dedicated to the whole crazy competition, so be sure to check back often for updates and the latest pics of each team's garden!  

For the moment, I'm pleased to announce that The Detroit Growers Association has attained yet another major milestone for the season -- the procurement of the veggie plants! A wide variety of delectables will be grown in a novel, contemporary fashion in the DGA's very own Hanging Garden!  No other team in Garden Wars has taken such an ingenious, unprecedented approach to its garden management system!  The results of this non-traditional growing method is anticipated to increase yields while simultaneously decreasing the garden's susceptibility to the threat of pests and rodents through the restriction of easy access by elevating the vulnerable plants out of the reach of the most common garden foes.  Furthermore, this intrepid design allows for the creation of greenhouse-like conditions to mitigate the potential risk of plant loss due to an unexpected and unseasonably late frost, which certainly happens here in Michigan.  Be sure to check back soon for additional pics and descriptions of not only the DGA's Hanging Gardens, but also the gardens being constructed by rival teams!

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