Friday, April 27, 2012

Lotsa Meatballs!

2011 -- Our first year at the Festival!

So, having agreed upon the menu with Slawek, our contact at the Polish Church, we have arranged to make 200 servings of meatballs, and 50 servings each of baked potatoes, tater tots/french fries, and corn on the cob!  We're going to call a "serving" 6 meatballs, which we are going to sell for $4.00/serving to raise money for the church!  For those of you quick with the math, that works out to 1,200 meatballs for us to manufacture prior to the event!!  No problem, right?!?  Right!  

Folks hangin' out eating, drinking, and having a blast!

If you are in the area, you should plan on coming out to the Polish Festival at Our Lady of Czestochowa in Troy, MI, to check it out!   If you're really hardcore and want to help us make a coupla meatballs prior to the event, shoot me a note to let me know!  Plenty of planning and preparations need to be done in the few short weeks that remain before the event!  Any and all help is always greatly appreciated, though never expected!  We sincerely hope you consider coming out to at least see what the festivities are all about!  

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