Monday, April 30, 2012

Big Brew Day @ Hopman's!!

This coming Saturday is Hopman's Beer & Wine Making Supply's annual Big Brew Day!!  Each year, the folks at Hopman’s invite everyone out to make beer, meet other homebrewers, and swap beer-making tips & tricks.  Those that brew on-site receive a very special 50% off of brewing ingredients!  The Big Pig Rig & crew plan to be there brewing beer and hanging out for most of the day!  Come out and join us for some food, suds, & lots of fun! If you want directions or have any questions, feel free to give me a shout!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Coming Soon!! Big Pig Rig T-shirts & Aprons!!

WoooHoooo!!!  The first batch of t-shirts with The Big Pig Rig logo on them have been ordered!!!  In about a week, we will be offering very stylish 100% jersey cotton t-shirts w/ the BPR logo on back and front w/ on the sleeve for a very modest price!  All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go toward expanding the scope of The Big Pig Rig's capabilities!  We are very excited to finally have some sweet merchandise to offer to those of you who love our cooking!  We will also be offering aprons, both screen-printed and embroidered, for anyone out there who wants to cook it up in style!!  Please check back next week for updates about these great items and others that we will soon be available exclusively from!!

To check out more info about The Big Pig Rig, click here or on the link at the top of the site!

Lotsa Meatballs!

2011 -- Our first year at the Festival!

So, having agreed upon the menu with Slawek, our contact at the Polish Church, we have arranged to make 200 servings of meatballs, and 50 servings each of baked potatoes, tater tots/french fries, and corn on the cob!  We're going to call a "serving" 6 meatballs, which we are going to sell for $4.00/serving to raise money for the church!  For those of you quick with the math, that works out to 1,200 meatballs for us to manufacture prior to the event!!  No problem, right?!?  Right!  

Folks hangin' out eating, drinking, and having a blast!

If you are in the area, you should plan on coming out to the Polish Festival at Our Lady of Czestochowa in Troy, MI, to check it out!   If you're really hardcore and want to help us make a coupla meatballs prior to the event, shoot me a note to let me know!  Plenty of planning and preparations need to be done in the few short weeks that remain before the event!  Any and all help is always greatly appreciated, though never expected!  We sincerely hope you consider coming out to at least see what the festivities are all about!  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Annual Polish Festival @ Our Lady of Czestochowa!!

We're hoping for beautiful weather again this year!
It's that time of year again!!  The Big Pig Rig and its crew have been invited once again to participate in the annual Polish Festival at Our Lady of Czestochowa in Troy, Michigan!  This year, the event is being held on June 1st, 2nd, & 3rd!  There will be a TON of great food, beer, and fun!  Plenty of stuff for the kids to do & eat too!   This is a fund-raising event held annually by the church as a means by which to raise a few bucks while bringing the entire congregation together for some fun.  There will be a live band playing traditional Polish music and a dance floor on which to boogie!

The Big Pig Rig crew has decided to do something a little different this year!  We're going to be making meatballs to sell to the hungry folks throughout the duration of the event!  We'll have 3 flavors from which to choose: BBQ, Swedish, and Marinara!!  We'll also have a baked potatoes and plenty of condiments to load on top!  For the kiddies, we'll be deep frying tater tots, which we anticipate will be a surefire hit!  So, be sure to head on down to the festival to hang out and have some grub!   

This is a picture of the very elite, traditional Polish dance crew
that performs in the big tent each year!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Check Out These Huevos!!!

Get a load of the turkey eggs that Santana gave to me!!  He said "Hey bro, you want some turkey eggs??" and I was like "Uh, sure man" (kinda thinkin' that he was just f#&$%ing w me). So, he runs -- ok, who are we kidding? -- saunters out to the Monte Carlo & comes back a minute later w the biggest damn eggs I've seen in person in a looooong time!!   Check 'em out!   

Now, he said that one egg takes up an entire medium-sized frying pan when you fry it over sunny-side up and runny (which is how he likes them!), then served with toast to schlop up the yolk!! Breakfast of champions, indeed!! 

Slight Technical Difficulties...

Picture Unrelated

Whoops!  The site was down for about an hour with some minor technical difficulties.  No worries though!  It's all been sorted out & now it's back up and running!  My apologies for any inconvenience or confusion that ensued as a result of the down-time!  

Kitchen in an Aquarium @ Whole Foods

Whole Foods is awesome.  Up until yesterday, I had been thoroughly unaware of just how awesome.  Sure, I had been quick to pass judgment on the place.  I had always had the perception that it is an expensive store run by pretentious hippies for pretentious yuppies.  Well, I was only half-right!  The hippies are anything but pretentious!  The store is still expensive and caters to a pretentious crowd of people with money burning holes in their pockets, but a large portion of the food is made in-house by nice folk, many of whom have been friends of mine for years.  Whether it be the pizza made in the wood-burning brick oven or the stunning variety of hand-made sausage, it's obvious to me that this place is pretty legit.  Though I personally feel that ALL of their prices should be dropped by at least 20%, I also hold the opinion that they put great care and effort into the food they make! 

I also had no idea that there was a bar with microbrews on tap until a friend mentioned it this past weekend.  This had certainly piqued my interest and I just had to check it out after I'd heard about this. Who knew that you can get a pint and a burger during Happy Hour for only $5.99?!  Why hasn't anyone mentioned this to me before?!   Regardless, I was most thoroughly impressed by the kitchen they had set up for demonstration purposes behind a giant set of glass panels!  Now I want my own kitchen in an aquarium!!   'Cept mine would have a "clean cycle" so that I could exit the room, close the door, hit the button and walk away after making a mess!  Check it out!  And yeah, so maybe I *am* the last person out there to have stepped foot into a Whole Foods!! So, what of it!?  :)


Are you one HelluvaCook???

Come one, come all!

This site is made for both those people who already know their way around the kitchen and those that don't!  Regardless of whether or not cooking is your forté, becoming a member of has its advantages!  Anyone who has a trick or two up their sleeve is encouraged to submit content to post on the site!   Members can also post comments and pictures of their own culinary creations!  So, wait no longer! Sign up for G+ and start showing off your best work on! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

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